Thursday, October 30, 2008

Barack Roll

Epic Win.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I has new PeeEssPee Game

Picked me up a little "Star Ocean First Departure" at EB during my break today and deicded to celebrate over a burger and coke at A&W.

While i was munching away thinking about how much fun im going to have visiting an RPG i never got to play that exists as an upgraded version part 1 of my absolute favorite RPG series to date, i decided to crack open the manual (of course ditching the French version). I was surprised to see, an actual instruction booklet. Opening it up it explained all gameplay mechanics, button layout hotsheets, a registration form to Squenix, and, hold on to your hats: Character Profiles.
Seriously people, THIS is how you do an instruction manual! This is packaging for games 101.

now i know some game sout there (mostly RPGs) still feature such things, but i never felt compelled to browse the thin instruction manual to Tales of Vesperia, and only to see 2 little character profiles for Yuri and Repede and basic explanations as to what may entail in the game.

can we seriously go back to doing what we used to do with Instruction manuals? i mean i know Game Design 201 is all about being able to tell the player everything intuitively while playing the game and i can understand not wanting to spoil something or details to early, but these make great reading material for those who dont have interest in Books. Back story of events leading up to the game itself, profiles, weapon data, monsters, all of this information USED to exist, but much like the Health Bar since Halo, its gone the way of the dodo in place of manuals consisting entirely of how to put the disc in the tray and turn it on.

Anyways, im stoked to play me some Star Ocean.

Oh and im about halfway through The Brotherhood on Saints Row 2 now. Ronin and Sons of Somedi have already met utter defeat.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Decided to switch to Blogspots hosting for ... various reasons.

#1. being: features. Theres alot of stuff Blogger doesn't want you to do if your remotely hosted, such as neat little widgets.

thats really about it, plus the template upgrade was a nice thing, cleaned up all the junk on the right bar and allows me to directly edit the HTML of the whole thing without getting screwed up or overwritten when i publish remotely.

Make sure to hit up the "Followers" widget! And check out the "frequently" updated friends blogs -.-; come on guys, update update update! The point of these thigns is to randomly throw down thoughts, lets continue on with that!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Immmm BAAAAAaaaack!

So as you may (or may not have noticed) my domain name expired, therefor i couldn't do anything with the site till that was renewed. While it could have been attended to and dealt with quicker, better now than if my domain expired for too long and some ad company snatched it up. Much like my beloved :( R.I.P.

So after all is said and done, i now have a place i can stash my thoughts.

Also dont forget that my DeviantArt is my home on the internet, this being just a random place for random things for me to jot down when im bored.

So, E3 is coming back to normal eh? About bloody time i must say. After 2 full years of being the joke of the industry, and the punching bag for everyone on the internet, i guess it would be smart to bring back what wasn't broke in the first place.
They originally scaled it down because small developers were whining their asses off about not getting enough coverage comapred to the bigger companies, so the board members went and cut down all but media access and choice developers. What resulted was a snore fest and the smaller copanies STILL getting no coverage.
All for naught m'afraid.
Heres to a happy June '09 when we welcome back the giant party and celebration it used to be! *raises glass*
I hope by the time it rolls around ill have established myself as someone important enough to qualify entrance past the bouncers, going to LA in June would be sweet, and then over to Pittsburge for AnthroCon in July. Thatd be intense... if anything i guess i just watch GameSpot and GameTrailers again for my coverage of E3. Not IGN, god no, im not willing to poison myself over not going and im not that desperate.

on another note, Ben Croshaw is still awesome.

oh ya and this is pretty badass i must say

Monday, October 20, 2008

Jamis first VGMV


Monday, October 6, 2008

Family Guy Office Space Stewie and Brian

Just. Awesome.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Allow me to share something

a conversation i was having with Sighness just now



It's really old bu ya...PS3 one looks kinda bad haha

you know this kid sorta bothers me
in his vid
he complained about ther ebeing NO upscaling filters at all to smoothen out the graphics


"PS1/PS2 upscaling in 1.80! But it's not REAL upscaling. Why? Cause the polygons themselves aren't rendered in high def, the entire image output is just put through a filter to make it look upscaled. The same method is used for upscaling DVD picture quality to 720p/1080i/1080p."
yet he writes this


so complains about there being no filter, complaints when there is a filter
damned if ya do, damne dif ya dont


god i hate people so much
and really


its mostly jsut people on the internet i hate so much
all a bunch of squabbling smacktards

because people have noticed
that people react more positively to negative outbursts and crying, than people who raise valid points or have something nice to say

id like to bring up the fact that if this were Ghostbusters 2.

....I wasn't up for Ghost Busters 2 >_>.

i dont think i need to eplain where this would be going XD
.............but youd seen and understoof Ghsotbusters 2 right?

Ya and didn't like it

well regardless thats not my ponit


the giant amalgomous blog was made of pure hatrid and angriness

and that was just New York
imagine if it spawns from The Internet
world would probably be consumed, twice over
take this kid for the very instance

he has in his possession, a gaming machine with which the word has yet to match in terms of power and functionality. THis thing will literally allow you to do anything to it, including throwing a whole new OS onto it, no problem. It supports memory cards, HUGE hard drive, built in wireless, and the whole nine yards
anything and everything youd EVER want out of a gaming console
and if your lucky enough to get it, even BC for older games

and all this kid does, is exploit the fact Sony didn't put a blur filter to smooth out the jaggies?
Give me, a fucking break.


Backwards Compatability, is a gift, not a privilage.


There was no BC for the NEs on the SuperNES, right? >_>

in fact, PS2 did the same shit to PS1 games as the PS3 does to PS2 games. The graphics look worse, because its emulation

I didn't notice much...

the point is, you have a new machine than can play your old shit haha


if its graphics you care about, get a PS3 game, you play a retro game for its gameplay

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Tags

My custom dog tags came in today.

in reality though, the silencers jsut arent as cool as i originally thought theyd be, i actually miss the clinkclacking they always made. But in retrospect, im glad i got the silencers, foremergencies sake. Ill post a pic of them when i get my mem card back into my camera outside of laziness :)

Houston? We have a Crysis!

Hey everyone,

so i finally ran out and grabbed Crysis, for a particular reason which i wont get into right now, id prefer this news be just a little more solid before i say anything further. For better or worse ill divulge what im talking about in a week or so

Also, Kane and Lynch is actually a really good game. Bought it ages back, never bothered with it. Installed it on a whim of boredom, and i couldn't shut it off. Sure its got its faults, but it does so many things well they're easy to forgive,a nd never cripple the experience.

I also reinstalled XFire,
Ive been updating with screenshots and videos, ill post some here

first he vids: < Kane and Lynch: Swatting an Noisy Fly < Crysis: a Real Long Sleep < Crysis: Rambo Style

and now some choice screenies